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deftonesgrrl's Journal

Dork-Girl Extraoidinare
28 December 1982
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Breastfeeding, Co-Sleeping, Partial SAHM (I work nights after her daddy gets home from work) to Miss Eleanor Catherine (aka Ella, Squish-ul, Squishy, Ella-Squish, BooBoo, Hulk Squish-ul....lol...we're weird, I know)

Married to my best friend, Alex Sobieski
80s cartoons, a fine grind, adult., afg, aim, air, alex sobieski, animal behavior, animals, augusten burroughs, babies, battle royale, big black boots, big heeled shoes, bjork, black, boots, caffeine, cartoons, catholic, catholicism, cats, char-bot, chatting, chino moreno, chris corner, cinematography, clockwork orange, coffee, coffee shops, college, concerts, cookies, corsets, cuddles, cult movies, dancing, daytime, dazed and confused, deftones, devin dazzle, djs, dogs, dressing up, dyed hair, electro, electronic music, empire records, evil dead trilogy, felix da housecat, fiance, fight club, final fantasy, fischerspooner, flurfy, food, fotd, funny looking animals, garbage, giggles, god, gregg araki, hard techno, human traffic, iamx, independance, invisible monsters, journalism, kangaroos, kissing, kittens, kitties, lab assistants, liiiizard, lips, little furry creatures, love, lyrics, mac, mac cosmetics, makeup, mctc, meow, miss kittin, mnvibe, movies, my family, noooooaw, nowhere, people watching, pets, phlebotomy, photography, piercings, platform mary janes, poppy z. brite, portishead, pregnancy, pretty eyes, pulp fiction, puppies, quentin tarantino, rats, raves, reading, requiem for a dream, rock music, rocking out, rocky horror picture show, run lola run, samoyeds, scarves, shiba inus, shopping, singing, smashing pumpkins, sneaker pimps, stanley kubrick, strange movies, sugar gliders, sunshine, tea, techno, the doom generation, the killers, toast, trance, vampires, venipunctures, vintage, vintage clothing, vintage dresses, warmth, weddings, weezer, weird movies, writing