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Only 1 week left until my due date (Oct 13th). Craziness. I've been really lucky...this has been a very easy pregnancy. I had only a minor bout with morning sickness, I didn't get too huge, and I've had no complications and hope I'll still stay that way for another week. Hope I'm not overdue or at least TOO overdue anyway!

I'm really excited. Alex is too. I told him that it was going to be his duty to buy his new daughter a special stuffed animal for her to have growing up. Everyone has their own special blankie or teddybear - or in my case, a stuffed dog - that they loved thoughout childhood, so of course our baby should have one as well. He found this really cute and soft panda bear to give to her. His eyes completely lit up when he found it...he's so excited to give it to her and to hold her and love her when she is finally born. I'm so lucky that I am married to such a great guy. He's going to be an awesome daddy.
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