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This has been a good month! Most importantly, I had the "big" ultrasound on 5/24 @ 20 wks....and....

....IT'S A CUTE BABY GIRL!!!....

My parents and Alex both came to the ultrasound, and they were all so sure it was a boy. She tricked them all, muahaha! Alex is excited and likes calling our baby by her name now. Although, I think he's a bit nervous about having a girl. Worried she'll be super fragile and he'll break her, haha. 

We're going to name her Eleanor Catherine. I really like the nickname Ella.

I will be posting pictures of the ultrasound in the near future, and maaaaybe I can work on not being lazy and getting some belly pics, as well ;).

Another exciting thing.....3 wks and 2 days until our wedding! Yay! Hopefully all will go well w/ fitting into my dress...I will be 21 weeks on Saturday and I am showing just a little bit. I have a fitting on June 7th...guess we'll see how that works out!

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