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Dork-Girl Extraoidinare

Goodness I have really abandoned this journal. Buuut I'm always stalking everyone else and reading their journals so it's only fair I write in mine from time to time.

New semester. New classes. Ethics, Chemistry, and Psychology. I enjoy them so far. I get a little nervous each time I have a new class. Having to meet new people and the like. It's the social anxiety, I guess. But, I've been working through that and all is going well so far. It's interesting...back in highschool I preferred English to the science/math classes. Now I think it's the other way around. Probably because I never learned how to successully write a good research paper in highschool. Damn you White Bear Lake school system. I think I shall send my kids to private school if I can come up with the $$. (OK it's not all my school's fault...I didn't apply much as much as I should've either. But STILL...WBL north and south campus....ew...)

Work is undergoing quite the metamorphasis. The lab has undergone a bunch of construction...and now I like to call our new drawing areas (as in drawing blood) the IKEA area. It's rather modern looking, and spacious. I like it. Plus it doesn't kill my back. In my old age I was starting to get back pains from being tall(er) and leaning over a table that was pretty short...and having about 5 years of that. Owie. But...NO MORE! Hurray! Also, in terms of coworkers, we've been changing. For the last month or so we've had our first male addition to the lab...Dave...and it's a nice change. I appretiate his goofy sense of humor and great work ethic. He's always telling me I'm "the best in the business" because I help him out with computer issues/lab testing issues. It's nice to feel appretiated.

I have been trying to phase out areas of the old me that were dragging me down.....throwing out old books (and even new ones that I haven't read yet but probably shouldn't) and movies that I've clung to for so long. The drama, the depressing storylines, and disturbing images. I'm not quite sure why I was so obsessed with those things for so long. Possibly because I hadn't been happy with myself...or my life in general, for much to long. It sorta became my identity. Or maybe it was because liking Bret Easton Ellis or being big into Requiem For A Dream (movie and the book too) gave me something to talk about with people. But as I get older...I see that shit for what it is....filler. So, bye bye items of discontent. Hello college textbooks...hello Catholic reading material...hello nonfiction.

I can't believe that it's just over 9 months left until Alex and I get married. Yay! We still have looooots to do. We actually haven't accomplished much this summer/fall with it. There were many other things that needed our attention, I guess. BUT we did do our gift registries....which is SO much fun. We tried to actually think rationally about it, too. So, hopefully we will end up with a well coordinated apartment/house/whatever.

Also am trying to hit up the YMCA more often and shed the small bit of extra poundage I have acquired in the last couple years. I wanna loose 10, maybe 15 Ibs and get buffed. Gonna look h-a-w-t in muh wedding dress. Ohhh yes.

Yawn. Night.
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