Dork-Girl Extraoidinare (deftonesgrrl) wrote,
Dork-Girl Extraoidinare


So it's your birthday. 19 years...damn you were really growing up. I remember the last week or so before you died when I was so shocked that you were being so thoughful towards me. Not that you weren't capable of that...but y'know how it goes...little brothers are created to tease and torment their sisters, haha. But you were so good to me, Micah. We were very different but that love and mutual understanding of each was there, sometimes without words. It feels odd not having you here. Mom, Dad, and I just sang happy birthday to you and I felt this pang in my stomach the whole time. That song is usually so happy...and instead it was so, so brokenhearted. I miss you so much, man. I bet you're celebrating in style where you are, though. I envision....skateboards with wings...bayshus puppies all jumping around and cuddling and giving you kisses...the best food one will ever taste. Cake that tastes like nothing less than pure delight and LITERALLY a piece of heaven. You don't need gifts because nothing tops the gift of meeting your Maker, and being completely at peace. Hells yea. As much as we will miss him...Grandpa will be up there celebrating with you soon, man. Keep an eye out for him. ya, bro. Happy birthday.

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