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Last night was IMMENSELY fun! I met up with Andrew, my buddy I've known since the days of old working at "Tahr-je' Boutique" (Target)...and it was really great talking with him. He just recently returned from a 5 month study-abroad program in JAPAN! Of course, I had a million questions. I was facinated. I think I'm turning into one of those Japan-o-philes. Noaw!! Anyway...he had lots of cool stories. My favorite was that he karate-chopped-rocked-out to a karate-instructional tv show with his 70-year-old host dad. Hahaha! That rules. Andrew and I got together with my shhhex-ay hot stuff boyfriend alex_metro and his witty bad ass bitch sidekick diesel_powered. We went to the Triple Rock Social Club, to see Kid Dakota. I previously had seen this band (well singer/guitarist and drummer..would that be considered a full-fledged "band"?) at the 400 bar...first time I had even heard of them. diesel_powered introduced me to this duo and I bought their CD. I loved it, became a fan and was ultra excited to see them last night!! It was an amazing show...they are the dog's bollocks live...they even performed "Ten Thousand Lakes", as ever so politely requested by us. Yay! The night was made ever more fun by having malignantnoise, nolovelostx, and Tim show. We joked around, made our many crude yet hilarious comments, copped some feels, hugged...and there was much rejoycing ("yaaaaay!"). It's unfortionate that they left before actually seeing Kid Dakota perform. Noaw!! Oh well, there's always next time around. We all had a few drinks...I caught a fairly good buzz, but didn't get retarded. I hate being a stupid drunk. I remained in the fun-and-still-intelligent mildly-drunk catagory, which was cool. Overall, last night was "teh sex", as the kids like to say these days.

Today...I'm just chilling at Alex's parent's house while he is at work and his rents are bring his sister i_wear_clothing to Madison. I will miss Aniela, she is very cool. I don't even think of her as being "my boyfriend's sister". She's more of a friend. Yay! She said I could have this gorgeous painting she did of a 1920s-style woman...she kinda reminds me of Clara Bow.

Well...I think I'm going to do some cleaning. I hope to get a laptop soon, and perhaps I will be encouraged to write more in this thing. Who knows.
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