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Aw man, I hope the drive home isn't going to be horrid. Normally I hate storms, but I'm sitting here in a little office, the lights off, looking out the window. The rain actually is somewhat pretty.

Goals for today:
-Refraining from cracking my knuckles. I am addicted and I need to stop this habit. No one's ever complained about it, but I bet that it actually grosses a lot of people out or annoys them. I'm doing well so far. I think my circulation is improving a little bit because of it.

-Restart knitting the scarf I unraveled. I lost track of how many stiches, and I think I missed some. Plus, as a new knitter, I pulled the yarn too tight. Time to do it the right way.

-Take an exercise class at the YMCA in WBL. I NEED to start taking classes again. I have gained about 5-10 Ibs since I've met Alex. I know I'm still on the thin side, but I need to exercise and get some more energy. I'm so tired all the damn time.

-Email Belinda. It was nice to hear from her. When she interned at my clinic, she was always very supportive of me going back to school. She encouraged me and gave me the splash of confidence I need to start taking classes again.

-Start cleaning all the shit (and even more shit) that is in my car. I seriously need to keep up with that. It can be hard when I'm going from WBL to work to Alex's to school...etc. I just throw everything in the backseat and forget about it.

-Spend time with my parents. I feel like I've been gone a lot lately. I'm with Alex a lot and I don't want them to feel like I'm ditching them. Luckily Alex likes spending time with them, too, unlike any of my ex boyfriends. Maybe we can play Scrabble tonight. My parents are hilarious when they play...they rag on each other so bad.
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