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12:38pm 24/10/2009
  pregnancy calendar  

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SHE'S HERE!!!!!!   
04:42pm 21/10/2007
mood: bouncy
Eleanor Catherine Sobieski is finally here!!!!!

Born on October 19th @ 3:30pm exactly.

8 Ibs, 3 oz.....21.5 Inches long. I think she definately looks like her daddy.

She is so beautiful!!!!!! I am so in love.

................Pictures to come real soon! We took plenty of 'em, haha!!.........................

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09:48am 06/10/2007
mood: excited
Only 1 week left until my due date (Oct 13th). Craziness. I've been really lucky...this has been a very easy pregnancy. I had only a minor bout with morning sickness, I didn't get too huge, and I've had no complications and hope I'll still stay that way for another week. Hope I'm not overdue or at least TOO overdue anyway!

I'm really excited. Alex is too. I told him that it was going to be his duty to buy his new daughter a special stuffed animal for her to have growing up. Everyone has their own special blankie or teddybear - or in my case, a stuffed dog - that they loved thoughout childhood, so of course our baby should have one as well. He found this really cute and soft panda bear to give to her. His eyes completely lit up when he found it...he's so excited to give it to her and to hold her and love her when she is finally born. I'm so lucky that I am married to such a great guy. He's going to be an awesome daddy.

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11:27am 08/08/2007
  Hello all.

My husband (alex_metro) just got his new website up and running for his business (printing for bands and musicians).

If anyone's bored, check it out and let him (or me) know what you think.

thanks! ;)


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01:03am 01/06/2007
mood: ecstatic

This has been a good month! Most importantly, I had the "big" ultrasound on 5/24 @ 20 wks....and....

....IT'S A CUTE BABY GIRL!!!....

My parents and Alex both came to the ultrasound, and they were all so sure it was a boy. She tricked them all, muahaha! Alex is excited and likes calling our baby by her name now. Although, I think he's a bit nervous about having a girl. Worried she'll be super fragile and he'll break her, haha. 

We're going to name her Eleanor Catherine. I really like the nickname Ella.

I will be posting pictures of the ultrasound in the near future, and maaaaybe I can work on not being lazy and getting some belly pics, as well ;).

Another exciting thing.....3 wks and 2 days until our wedding! Yay! Hopefully all will go well w/ fitting into my dress...I will be 21 weeks on Saturday and I am showing just a little bit. I have a fitting on June 7th...guess we'll see how that works out!


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07:26pm 25/04/2007


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Meet Alex's and my new little friend. Suprise surprise!!   
11:23am 30/03/2007
mood: excited

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12:22pm 03/01/2007
mood: ecstatic
I just want to stress that I am SO happy right now!! I just heard back from my supervisor that I start my position working Urgent Care the week of Jan 15th! I will still be working full time, so I get all the same awesome benefits, but I also will be getting paid a little bit extra! So, yay! I now have the daytime to go to school and work on homework, instead of trying to stay awake and study after a long day of work and night classes.


*jumps up and down like a dork*

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11:40pm 12/09/2006
  Goodness I have really abandoned this journal. Buuut I'm always stalking everyone else and reading their journals so it's only fair I write in mine from time to time.

New semester. New classes. Ethics, Chemistry, and Psychology. I enjoy them so far. I get a little nervous each time I have a new class. Having to meet new people and the like. It's the social anxiety, I guess. But, I've been working through that and all is going well so far. It's interesting...back in highschool I preferred English to the science/math classes. Now I think it's the other way around. Probably because I never learned how to successully write a good research paper in highschool. Damn you White Bear Lake school system. I think I shall send my kids to private school if I can come up with the $$. (OK it's not all my school's fault...I didn't apply much as much as I should've either. But STILL...WBL north and south campus....ew...)

Work is undergoing quite the metamorphasis. The lab has undergone a bunch of construction...and now I like to call our new drawing areas (as in drawing blood) the IKEA area. It's rather modern looking, and spacious. I like it. Plus it doesn't kill my back. In my old age I was starting to get back pains from being tall(er) and leaning over a table that was pretty short...and having about 5 years of that. Owie. But...NO MORE! Hurray! Also, in terms of coworkers, we've been changing. For the last month or so we've had our first male addition to the lab...Dave...and it's a nice change. I appretiate his goofy sense of humor and great work ethic. He's always telling me I'm "the best in the business" because I help him out with computer issues/lab testing issues. It's nice to feel appretiated.

I have been trying to phase out areas of the old me that were dragging me down.....throwing out old books (and even new ones that I haven't read yet but probably shouldn't) and movies that I've clung to for so long. The drama, the depressing storylines, and disturbing images. I'm not quite sure why I was so obsessed with those things for so long. Possibly because I hadn't been happy with myself...or my life in general, for much to long. It sorta became my identity. Or maybe it was because liking Bret Easton Ellis or being big into Requiem For A Dream (movie and the book too) gave me something to talk about with people. But as I get older...I see that shit for what it is....filler. So, bye bye items of discontent. Hello college textbooks...hello Catholic reading material...hello nonfiction.

I can't believe that it's just over 9 months left until Alex and I get married. Yay! We still have looooots to do. We actually haven't accomplished much this summer/fall with it. There were many other things that needed our attention, I guess. BUT we did do our gift registries....which is SO much fun. We tried to actually think rationally about it, too. So, hopefully we will end up with a well coordinated apartment/house/whatever.

Also am trying to hit up the YMCA more often and shed the small bit of extra poundage I have acquired in the last couple years. I wanna loose 10, maybe 15 Ibs and get buffed. Gonna look h-a-w-t in muh wedding dress. Ohhh yes.

Yawn. Night.

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FOR MICAH....   
10:56pm 01/05/2006
  So it's your birthday. 19 years...damn you were really growing up. I remember the last week or so before you died when I was so shocked that you were being so thoughful towards me. Not that you weren't capable of that...but y'know how it goes...little brothers are created to tease and torment their sisters, haha. But you were so good to me, Micah. We were very different but that love and mutual understanding of each other...is was there, sometimes without words. It feels odd not having you here. Mom, Dad, and I just sang happy birthday to you and I felt this pang in my stomach the whole time. That song is usually so happy...and instead it was so, so brokenhearted. I miss you so much, man. I bet you're celebrating in style where you are, though. I envision....skateboards with wings...bayshus puppies all jumping around and cuddling and giving you kisses...the best food one will ever taste. Cake that tastes like nothing less than pure delight and LITERALLY a piece of heaven. You don't need gifts because nothing tops the gift of meeting your Maker, and being completely at peace. Hells yea. As much as we will miss him...Grandpa will be up there celebrating with you soon, man. Keep an eye out for him.

....love ya, bro. Happy birthday.


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Ring Peeeeektures   
11:48am 03/01/2006
  Pictures of my engagement ring! Ignore my nasty looking hands....stupid winter.
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I'm engaged!!!!   
10:10am 03/01/2006
mood: excited
Alex and I got engaged on December 28th, my 23rd birthday. He crashed at my house the night before, and asked my dad for his permission to marry me the next morning! I had no idea that Alex was going to propose, yet it was funny that I was talking about marriage and proposals at work earlier that day. I got off of work at 1pm, got all dressed up at Alex's house...and we headed out to Uptown. We got Chinese food, and then headed to Uncommon Ground for chai tea and mochas.

...Alex and I originally met at Uncommon grounds, in July 2004 (almost a year and a 1/2 ago). I was hanging out w/ Dave, and Alex was chilling with R!k. We all met up to go to Tabu, and from that point on I just felt this connection to Alex. He was so friendly and I felt relaxed around him immediately. He was more polite and generous than any other guy I'd met. "The guys" and I hung out at a later date at O'Garas, Alex gave me his phone #, and the rest is history...

...Anyways...back to the present. Alex and I stepped into Uncommon, and I smiled and said "Yay! This is where we first met!". Alex reached in his pocket and said, "Yep...and I have one more little present for you." He got down one knee and asked me to marry him. The barista had stepped out from the back to take out order...saw Alex go down on one knee...let out a little gasp...turned out and walked right back to where she was hiding before. I was in shock! I didn't even look at the ring right away...I just looked at Alex, grinning from ear to ear, and exclaimed, "OHMYGOSH ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!" about three times. I then said "Yes, of course!" and hugged him. Alex grabbed my hand and slid the ring on my finger. We ordered our coffee, with me still in complete shock. Eventually I came to terms with the glorious reality of the situation, and have been on Cloud 9 ever since.

...I'll post pic of the ring a lil bit later!!

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How romantic.....   
11:21pm 20/12/2005
mood: amused
...You know that you must truly be in love when you're in the middle of passionately kissing your boyfriend, and he stops in the middle of it, exclaiming: "I'm really sorry, but I have to shit reeeeeally badly."

....LMAO. I love you, Alex Sobieski.

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01:30pm 10/12/2005
mood: sick
I just figured out that my cat has WORMS. EWewewewewwewewewewewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! I've given him meds for it before, just as routine...but apparently it didn't work. Ick I think I am going to puke...

...But I hope he is OK :(...poor kitty. No wonder he is so crabby. I seriously had no idea...he didn't seem unhealthy or was acting abnormal...!

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01:16am 27/11/2005
  This is the coolest Xmas light display evvveerrr....check it out!!! I bet it took a while to put up all those lights...


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11:00am 06/09/2005
mood: Chill
Instead of commenting/speaking individually to people...I just want to thank EVERYONE for their phone calls, their hugs, their emails, their txt msgs, voicemails, and of course, their LJ comments. I appretiate it a lot. I never realized just how compassionate people can be. Thank you so much everyone.

I'm getting better day by day, things are still tough as hell, but right now I think I need to be strong for my parents. Yes Micah is my brother, but he's their son, and that kind of loss can't be compared to anything else, not even my own.

Micah's Visitation is at Eagle Brook Church on Thursday, September 8th from 4:00PM-8:00PM.

The Funeral is also at Eagle Brook Church and is on Friday, September 9th at 2:30PM (Small hour-long visitation at 1:30PM)

DIRECTIONS to the church are at: http://www.eaglebrookchurch.com/new/directions.html

ANYONE can come, so please attend if you wish to. We need all the love and support we can get.


Send memories to: Micah@inheaven.com

This is an email address for Micah. Please send pictures, stories, memories, etc etc. My mom and dad will collect these and publish a small book in his honor. If anyone would want a copy, also mention that in your email.

Tom/Michele/Ashlee Thompson

R.I.P. Micah 1987-2005

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Today is the beginning of the end   
10:44am 03/09/2005
mood: crushed
...The drama factor is so intense but I feel that it will be therapeutic to write about it...
I have never, ever, ever felt pain like this before. I've never had someone I love die. And when I did think about who would be the one in my life that would pass...I always thought of it being a grandparent...or a great aunt or something. Not Micah. Not my baby brother. He's 18 and life was just starting for him...he just graduated...just got his first car...his first job...didn't even get to college yet. Yet now he's gone. The hole in my heart feels so gaping and bloody right now.

Early this Friday morning...around 3am...my mom calls me hysterical, screaming something about Micah being missing and a boat and all sorts of things that swirled around in my brain not making any sense. After several phone calls back to my family's house, I got it out of her that Micah was out at a party...that him and a bunch of guys went out in a boat in the middle of a lake right near our house...too many of them were in there...the boat overturned or started sinking and the boys all fought to get to land. All were accounted for except one...Micah. I remained calm as Alex drove top speed back to White Bear...thinking that it must not be that big of a deal...my mom over-worries a lot and that Micah is probably just lost in the woods or at a friend's.

When I arrived at the scene it was my worst fucking nightmare. Not what I expected at all. Tons of cop cars...ambulances...and a fire truck even...were surrounding the boat launch near our house and near where the accident happened. Several search boats scoured the lake...I saw the gasoline can from Micah's boat floating in the water. Bobbing up and down. I felt sick but remained calm. "Micah has been an avid fisherman since I can remember...he knows how to deal with water...he'll be OK...." I yelled at a couple of Micah's friend that they better think twice now when they go out and party...that they just graduated...that there's still so much time for that...why spend your whole teenage years drinking and being stupid. I remember my dad calling one of Micah's friends...Matt (was on the boat with Micah that night)...he was already at home after the accident, and was being a pain in the ass and said that he wasn't going to come out for questioning because there's nothing he can do about the situation. I was so pissed...I called that fucker right back and told him that my brother could be dead...and that if he was a friend he would come out here and help because he was there, he was with Micah...maybe he could give us some idea what happened. Luckily he listened to me.

It was freezing and I ran back to Alex's car to blast some heat on myself. I heard/saw a helicopter begin to circle around the lake...spotlighting every possible place. I then saw just how gross the lake was...thick with milfoil and weeds. Chains to a watery grave.

Suddenly the 'copter stopped circling. Many vehicles began to leave the scene. I ran out to my dad, who had been waiting at the boat launch from the very beginning. I hoped to see him alive...even if he was on a stretcher hooked up a million machines, or recieving CPR...at least he still had life flowing through him. My dad gave me the most sorrowful look I have ever seen in my entire life "He's gone, Ashlee...he didn't make it" he said in a shaky voice...I'm sure he was holding back wails of agony. I just went numb then...I must've cried "Oh god, oh my god" about a million times...I was at a loss for words. I cried out Micah's name. I just couldn't fucking believe this was happening. That it happened so suddenly. My brother, the jokster, the sarcastic guy with the devil-may-care attitude, the skater, the boxer, the friend, the brother, the son, the mysterious person...he was dead when they found him.

I got to sit in the ambulance with him. I've never seen a dead body before. The tons of movies I've loved watching with the violence and drama...the countless episodes of "Law and Order: SVU"...could never do justice to what it's like to actually see someone you love right in front of you, dead and cold and stiff. I stroked his hair, and hugged him, and kissed his cheek and forehead. I told him how much I loved him...that I know we weren't always the best of friends but that I cared so much about him just the same. His pants were partially coming off...as if he tried to get out of them when he was in the water. I hope they didn't weigh him down. I hope he didn't struggle...I hope it happened quick and he didn't have time to get too scared. I know his friends had been drinking...so in some fucked up way I hoped that he had been drunk too, and too numb to feel the pain.

OK this entry is getting way too depressing...the tears are starting to fall. I feel so numb but occasionally I'll just cry out in pain. He was so young. I love him so much. I worry about my mom a lot...she is not taking this well at all. She was in the hospital for a few hours because she had such horrible anxiety and kept puking. We finally brought her home this morning. All my neighbors came over...they were all crying...it was horrible. I got a few phone calls early in the morning from some of my mom's friends...they knew about the incident but didn't know about the horrible conclusion. I had to tell them and they all started crying when I did. So much sadness. So much misery. Alex is here and I'm going to cuddle up to him and try to nap because I haven't slept in a long ass time.

-i'm out

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11:20am 27/08/2005
mood: LARVA! (don't ask)
Last night was IMMENSELY fun! I met up with Andrew, my buddy I've known since the days of old working at "Tahr-je' Boutique" (Target)...and it was really great talking with him. He just recently returned from a 5 month study-abroad program in JAPAN! Of course, I had a million questions. I was facinated. I think I'm turning into one of those Japan-o-philes. Noaw!! Anyway...he had lots of cool stories. My favorite was that he karate-chopped-rocked-out to a karate-instructional tv show with his 70-year-old host dad. Hahaha! That rules. Andrew and I got together with my shhhex-ay hot stuff boyfriend alex_metro and his witty bad ass bitch sidekick diesel_powered. We went to the Triple Rock Social Club, to see Kid Dakota. I previously had seen this band (well singer/guitarist and drummer..would that be considered a full-fledged "band"?) at the 400 bar...first time I had even heard of them. diesel_powered introduced me to this duo and I bought their CD. I loved it, became a fan and was ultra excited to see them last night!! It was an amazing show...they are the dog's bollocks live...they even performed "Ten Thousand Lakes", as ever so politely requested by us. Yay! The night was made ever more fun by having malignantnoise, nolovelostx, and Tim show. We joked around, made our many crude yet hilarious comments, copped some feels, hugged...and there was much rejoycing ("yaaaaay!"). It's unfortionate that they left before actually seeing Kid Dakota perform. Noaw!! Oh well, there's always next time around. We all had a few drinks...I caught a fairly good buzz, but didn't get retarded. I hate being a stupid drunk. I remained in the fun-and-still-intelligent mildly-drunk catagory, which was cool. Overall, last night was "teh sex", as the kids like to say these days.

Today...I'm just chilling at Alex's parent's house while he is at work and his rents are bring his sister i_wear_clothing to Madison. I will miss Aniela, she is very cool. I don't even think of her as being "my boyfriend's sister". She's more of a friend. Yay! She said I could have this gorgeous painting she did of a 1920s-style woman...she kinda reminds me of Clara Bow.

Well...I think I'm going to do some cleaning. I hope to get a laptop soon, and perhaps I will be encouraged to write more in this thing. Who knows.

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03:35pm 09/08/2005
mood: accomplished
Aw man, I hope the drive home isn't going to be horrid. Normally I hate storms, but I'm sitting here in a little office, the lights off, looking out the window. The rain actually is somewhat pretty.

Goals for today:
-Refraining from cracking my knuckles. I am addicted and I need to stop this habit. No one's ever complained about it, but I bet that it actually grosses a lot of people out or annoys them. I'm doing well so far. I think my circulation is improving a little bit because of it.

-Restart knitting the scarf I unraveled. I lost track of how many stiches, and I think I missed some. Plus, as a new knitter, I pulled the yarn too tight. Time to do it the right way.

-Take an exercise class at the YMCA in WBL. I NEED to start taking classes again. I have gained about 5-10 Ibs since I've met Alex. I know I'm still on the thin side, but I need to exercise and get some more energy. I'm so tired all the damn time.

-Email Belinda. It was nice to hear from her. When she interned at my clinic, she was always very supportive of me going back to school. She encouraged me and gave me the splash of confidence I need to start taking classes again.

-Start cleaning all the shit (and even more shit) that is in my car. I seriously need to keep up with that. It can be hard when I'm going from WBL to work to Alex's to school...etc. I just throw everything in the backseat and forget about it.

-Spend time with my parents. I feel like I've been gone a lot lately. I'm with Alex a lot and I don't want them to feel like I'm ditching them. Luckily Alex likes spending time with them, too, unlike any of my ex boyfriends. Maybe we can play Scrabble tonight. My parents are hilarious when they play...they rag on each other so bad.

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01:40pm 06/08/2005
  So last night Alex, diesel_powered, and I headed to Pizza Luce. I honestly was all pumped up to go earlier in the day...but once I got there, it all went downhill from there. Eventually I was feeling uninspired about adding to the conversation...and stopped involving myself in it. I wasn't mad at anyone...or depressed or anything. I just didn't feel like talking much. My contacts were drying out and my eyes were irritating me. I started feeling tired out. Alex noticed this and he and Mike said over and over that it was "OK" if I wanted to leave. Yet I was continuing to feel sorry for myself for ruining everyone's night. I got really sullen and I think that just made it worse. No one likes a sourpuss. Alex became upset with me and it took a lot of talking and analysis to correct things. I hate going to bed with someone not happy with me.

I really question why I get like this. Is it I'm bored? Or work is too tiring? Or maybe I am depressed? Or have social anxiety or something? I honestly don't think it's to that point. I wonder if it has to do with the social setting. First of all, I shouldn't or worn contacts, or made sure I had some solution with me to fix them (Farking contacts always dry to my eyes no matter what kind I buy). Maybe I should've downed the caffiene first. I don't know. Part of it I think it that I'm just not a big drinker. Yes there's a time and a place for everything, and sometimes I would be into pounding the shit down...but usually I'm more for entertainment. Drinks are something that add to it. I think I would rather be listening to music or dancing, or wandering around looking at people and things...rather than just sitting in a booth.

I think I'm going to try and find some things going on at night that are either cheap or free. And try and see if Alex wants to switch it up a bit. I know he's sick of the "stay in and watch a movie" thing...and perhaps I am sick of the whole "dimly lit bar booth and beer on tap" thing.

Well now I'm just rambling...but...eh. Whatever.

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